"In my dreams I’m dying all the time; So this is goodbye"

"The wheels of his Happiness Machine spun whirling golden light spokes along the ceiling of his head. A machine, now, to help boys change from peach fuzz to briar bramble, girls from toadstool to nectarine. And in the years when your shadow leaned clear across the land as you lay abed nights with your heartbeat mounting to the billions, his invention must let a man drowse easy in the falling leaves like the boys in autumn who, comfortably strewn in the dry stacks, are content to be a part of the death of the world… ."

Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

"Here’s to thinking that it all meant so much more;
I kept my mouth shut, and opened up the door.”

"I should have loved you less.
I should have loved myself more."

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keep an eye on my brother

Everything i do
Every word i say
Make believe
That I can make belief

Who do I ask this of?

Keep us in sight, lord
And I’ll try to keep you in my mind

"In truth darkness has no power other than what we give it. I am going to tell you the secret of conquering evil. You are the evil. When you face that, all monsters dissolve into the mist."

Deepak Chopra - The Return of Merlin (via chukieboy)

"… reality stands before them, yet they don’t see it, because what you call real is just the mirror image of your expectations."

Deepak Chopra, The Return of Merlin (via philosophyapprentice)

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"I’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much … because it’s the only thing that’ll make it stop hurting."

Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land (via quoted-books)

When we were geese
I followed your sweet plough over the coffee-colored earth
In Russia the people danced with masks on
We sat in the devil’s chair when he was out of the room
He chased us around his throne
I threw my bones against it to show him what real music sounded like
He chased us outside
When the world touched our backs we turned into geese
The feathers he snatched as we flew off was spit in his face
We flew south
Flew far enough south that we flew north
The devil got so lonely for us he couldn’t sleep
Just sat in the cold light all night in that tall dark chair of his
The throne room collected the hours like ghosts
He didn’t let anyone leave
Everyone in the castle stayed in their rooms
His hourglass runneth over
We flew east
Flew so far we went west
When we landed on the devil’s roof he declared a holiday
Everyone took the day off, even god showed up
God said “Look at this!” and made a rainbow
My little goose heart was clenched like a fist
I didn’t even realize this until it loosened and pennies of silver fell from its grip tumbling into the world
My skin fell from shoulders in a cascade of tears
I stepped out of it, couldn’t describe what I was made out of underneath
But you were made of the same stuff, the world too
Even the weathervanes and the paper cups
Even god and the devil
Every lake, every dark hairy beast in the woods
Every soul who was raised to be a whisper and told to never grow bigger
Such soft hair we all grew
Goddamn we was beautiful

~ Anis Mojgani

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My bird passed today; one animal after another lately. I can only hope that though their eyes are closed, they’re still seeing through rosy colored shades;

Much Love,

Apparent carelessness, keeping up with a graphite society; sketchy and best only when dealing with shadows. Front and center set, communicating desires at no end, devouring whole galaxies with your pupils, while the whites of your eyes grow only less so. Attempting to contain these paradigms without forcing blindness, constantly widened and never outwitted, until you were /

We crumble beneath the waters like snakes with their sweat set afire
What’s the difference between the lie and the liar?
Is it in intention or is it in defying truth?
I don’t have a damned clue / /

Press me between your book pages
Leave me there forever
Until you find me again / / /

Hazardous hesitation;
Destroying every fog of analysis
Kept untouched and fabricated
The balancing act applies to every little thing
Focus on the moment you’re frozen into anyways
Looping like a letter opener,
Set down until used and set down again
Where’d I put my cigarettes?
Can’t tell me till I’ve said something about it
Keep me in a box,
Let me out at night
Teach me how to see the sun,
To go into the light
Without blinding my faith

Carry me through the waters
My sink seeps those same waters through my hands
Allowing me to hold them
Lugging my breath along as well
I will walk the path for you,
But I cannot cross the finish

My brother set wisdom into stone on my shoulders
When my will wasn’t working he showed me how to direct it
To control this great force inside of myself if even only for a moment

And like I said, I’ve been broken into threes, sevenths, millionths;
but even when I’m blind, I run my hand across the inscription
to remember this simple description
of a reality taken or given.
It’s up to you, ya know.


and my mothers been growing hope, but winter is on its way.
Makes her pick and choose her favorite plants to bring in the house.
Says she can no longer care about the rest,
but I know she just won’t let herself.
She’s been through this; the seasons.
She knows hows it goes;
Some things seemingly disappear,
but they only lay in rest,
Waiting for the son of God, to manifest them again

The sun,
        you see,
                has always been our Father.

Keeps you warm and lights the way,
to live this life in mystery,
even after you’ve figured it all out.
If you live this life in misery,
please don’t stand your ground.
For you will suffocate the roots with the weight
and the heat will never get to trade a wave
and you may kill that change you’ve been praying for
before you are found


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How A Person Finds Home
written by Anis Mojgani

When you are walking down the street in some city that is not
the one you come from

with the sun in your eyes so perhaps you are squinting or
perhaps because of how brightly everything shines

you have tears falling out and you find you cannot look directly
at the world before you

and there is a song from an open window that resembles
the birthday pocketknife you received at ten

and the 16th note is a bridge bending over cold stones
that you brother walks upon

and those cold stones sing a sound similar to your name
similar to library brick similar to porch swing and tea cup

similar to your grandmother’s name and your arms feel like her
loose but smooth skin

and your face remembers your grandfather’s rough cheeks
the smell of his aftershave

and as you are pulled in the direction of where you come from
you will see a suit with no one in it

running from far off in the distance and this body-less suit
is running directly towards you

a hundred people moving in the streets but the suit
is running to you

and you can not move away or towards it any faster or slower
than how you are already moving

and the suit will come up to you and without body or lung
will be breathing hard

and without skull or mouth will ask if you have the time and you
without watch or clock will say

Yes I do and as you lift your wrist you hear the suit without hands
or throat lift his palms and whisper between them

"Will you unbutton these jackets of mine? Will you pull me on
and button the buttons in my vest back up?”

And when you do the vest will feel like a coffin that does not
need to wait for death to be slept in

but instead is simply a lidless boat for the grass to grow through
for the daylight to touch itself upon

for the dark and the stars to fall towards and fill and all around
you the night will rise like a river over the city

while you sit in the middle of its waters running your hands over
your belly rubbing fabric between your fingers thinking

"These are the softest clothes I’ve ever felt."
This is the closest thing i can draw to a map.

With you on one end and me on the other
and no space between.

Depressions in the Earth / Impressions in the SkyThere is a silence at 4 a.m. that allows you to finally hear exactly what is going on.When the moon is feigningand you’re casting shadows, even though you knowyou can never reel them back in.We wade in the water and fish,for a longer-lasting bliss;When in itself, this already is

Depressions in the Earth / Impressions in the Sky

There is a silence at 4 a.m. that allows you to finally hear
exactly what is going on.
When the moon is feigning
and you’re casting shadows, even though you know
you can never reel them back in.
We wade in the water and fish,
for a longer-lasting bliss;
When in itself, this already is